Sunday, June 17, 2012


It's been awhile since I've posted here, but needless to say- I've been busy.
Have you ever had a computer done something aggravating like work perfectly fine until one morning when you turn it on and it tells you there is no memory, no operating system and no hard drive? Cause I haven't. Until this month that is. It makes you realize just how fragile life is and makes you think of what you would have backed up yesterday that you can no longer back up today. So now I'm going through school with my significant other. Loosing a computer could be related to loosing a girlfriend but loosing a limb might be a more accurate analogy. Especially when the library is a ten minute walk away.
Lucky for me I discovered the blogger app for the iPod touch, so even if I can't do my homework until Monday morning- I can still blog! Life isn't that bad afterall.
The greatest accomplishment of the week was reaching a life long goal of walking on a tight rope. There is a slacklining group on campus and the first time I attended I wasn't able to get farther than a step down the line. When I went this week something must of clicked in my brain cause I could do it! Whaddaya know?
Speaking of circus arts the juggling workshop is coming along very, very well. One day I was coming home from the grocery store when I saw a unicycle riding off in distance. The only reasonable thing for me to do was to chase it down. Just goes to show what kind of strange life I lead... She is coming to the workshop so it was worth it! We also made homemade juggling sticks. Only a juggler would get excited about wooden dowels, bike tube, and electrical tape. And excited we were. Among the other homemade toys we managed to make thus week are rola bola boards! We managed to make three full sets and I still have eight feet of six inch PCV pipe in my closet. With some of the stuff I've been accumilating my roommates must be starting to wonder about me. Heck I'm starting to wonder about me. Mainly because I'm starting to pick up ventriloquism. Watch out world!

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